Week in Review (3/36)

Week in Review (3/36)

Challenge ‚óŹ Mar 04, 2016

Last two weeks were mainly just going through the iOS Apprentice series.

The iOS Apprentice

After reviewing nine different resources to learn from, I have decided to use the iOS Apprentice series, and I am extremely happy with it. The author, Matthijs Hollemans, is just plain amazing at explaining the fundamental concepts. The best thing about it is, most of the time, Matthijs doesn't try to give you pieces of code from a finished application.

What I mean is, in a lot of books, it is very clear that the author wrote the app from beginning to finish, and when you're reading the book, you are not really constructing the app with him.

The process of building software is rarely linear (though there are methodologies that try to plan everything upfront before coding, real life rarely works that way).

In real life, you first try something, then you realize you introduced a bug/broke something else, then you do some research on it, and then you go and fix it. In a lot of the tutorials I read, you never read about all that pain. The author gives you the finished version, after he himself went through the bugs and solved them all.

Matthijs does it differently (most of the time). When you are going through the tutorial, he shows you the mistakes he made while he was developing the app, and what he did to solve it. This is very valuable.

I'm about to start the fourth and last book in the series, and I'll start writing my first app soon.

Change of plans

Initially I was planning to develop an app in the first month of the challenge, while I'm still learning app development. I am changing my plan now.

Next week, hopefully I'll be finished with the initial phase of my learning, and I'll start developing my first app on week 5. I'm anticipating a month of design/development/marketing.

So hopefully, I'll have an app in the App Store by week 9.

I'll plan how I will proceed after the first app when I'm finished with it.

Apart from that, I haven't been writing two posts per week. I honestly feel like I don't have much to say about app development at the moment. I'll definitely have more to say when I'm working on my first app, and even more so after the release.

For the moment, I'll only write when I fell like I have something to say.

Week 2 and 3 stats

During week 2, I spent 7:01 for finding a resource to learn from, and 13:05 learning app development. Which makes 20:06 total, a little over 3:20 per day.

During week 3 (not counting today), I spent 18:24 learning app development. Which makes a bit more than 3:30. I'll study a bit more today.

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