Challenge: $5000 in 6 months with iOS apps

Challenge: $5000 in 6 months with iOS apps

Challenge ‚óŹ Feb 11, 2016

Since I bought a Mac to do Ruby on Rails development, I have always wanted to get into making iOS apps. Recently, I moved to Bahrain, and finding out that Ruby on Rails is virtually non-existent here got me thinking about learning iOS app development.

Being a perfectionist, I have more unfinished projects than I can count. And having no outer motivation to learn iOS development, I decided to create this challenge. There are people out there like Nathan Barry who made a bunch of money learning to code, so my challenge is completely achievable, albeit not very easy.

So, what is the challenge exactly?

Here are the rules I set out for the challenge:

  • I need to spend at least four hours per day learning iOS development, six days a week.
  • I need to make $5000 in six months, either through App Store sales or freelance projects.
  • For the App Store sales, 30% commission is not counted towards the target.
  • And lastly, I need to write a blog post twice a week.

Pretty simple, right?

What is the starting point?

I am 25 now, and I have been programming since I'm very young, so this is an advantage. I have worked as an enterprise developer in the past. I took some time off from software development for entrepreneurial purposes, and recently went back to programming using Ruby on Rails. As I've mentioned in the beginning of my post, that did not turn out to be very lucrative in a place without a significant startup scene and a developed tech industry. I had to look out the window (instead of reading Reddit and Hacker News) to realize I was not living in Silicon Valley.

I believe iOS development would be a good choice for me because unlike web development, I can create more significant projects as a one-man team, and also find more freelance work wherever I go if need be, as there aren't a plethora of framework and language options for native app development.

What is the plan?

This might change, but I'll try to put some milestones to keep myself focused:

  1. Week 1: Find a good resource to learn iOS development from. Go through the basics.
  2. Weeks 2-4: Continue learning the basics, and develop a small project (bonus points if it's something you can make at least a little bit of money from).
  3. Weeks 5-12: Research the market, find a good idea, apply what you learned in the first month to develop a second app.
  4. Weeks 13-26: Interview other people who made successful apps, with the guidance and everything learned, develop a third app.

I'll try to create more detailed plans beginning of each month and week.

Why should you care?

Even though this seems like a very personal project, it definitely is more than that. If you like reading Hacker News, Reddit, etc., pretty much all you see is "overnight successes." People love reading about these things (I do too), but that is just not how life works. There is no such thing as overnight success, and I really appreciate people like Nathan Barry and Karen X. Cheng, they don't just brag about their successes, they share all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into achieving them.

This website is also about the same philosophy. I want people to see that people don't go making millions of dollars their first time and with no effort. I will be sharing all my failures and successes along the way, so people can learn from my mistakes, and hopefully with enough people who care, it will motivate me to push myself.

This is such a cliche, but I would love it if you commented. What do you think about the challenge, do you think it's realistic? Or let me know if you have any suggestions. Or just wish me luck :)

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